Faith Stories

Our theme this past couple of years has been Passionate Spirituality, where we have been looking at the many ways our lives intersect with the grace of God.  Before meetings in our church begin, we have encouraged people to answer the question: "Where have you seen God today, this past week or month?" The discussion has been amazing and inspirational as people discussed ways they experienced the presence of God. Some shared seeing God in major ways such as at the birth of a child or in the midst of the challenges experienced during a transition in their lives. Others spoke about experiencing God is small ways such as through nature, a loving relationship or an act of kindness.

We have also been blessed this past year with people presenting their Faith Stories in a variety of settings such as during OWLS, Wednesday evening Lenten Services and Sunday morning services.  Their willingness to become vulnerable and share ways they have experienced God during the course of their lives has been inspirational and greatly appreciated. 

At the right you will find the Faith Stories of several of our members in case you did not hear them when presented or you would like to review them again. If you are willing to share your Faith Story, please talk to Pastor Bob or Darlene Rohrbaugh. We have helpful guidelines as you consider ways your life has been touch by God.

Enjoy the stories. Click to view. They are indeed an inspiration to read. God works in many ways during the course of our lives.  You will need Adobe Reader which you can find below if you do not have it installed on your computer.
Click to read these Faith Stories:
Rosa Schuler
Jerry Putzer
Josh Anderson
Linda Freed
Dona Kenline
Nellie Jarvis
Cindy Giles
Jack Magill
Dena Wangerin Richter
Dave Northrup
Bob Erickson
Darlene Rohrbaugh
Karen Hart
Becky Romano
Katie Romano
Dave Jarvis
Tiny Striegel
Vonda Craig
Tom Jubar
Sandi Allen
Adele Vickers
Diana Biggs