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Hope Springs Eternal

How Doctors Die - Showing others the way

10 More Things You May Not Know About the Reformation

19 More things You May Not Know About the Reformation

18 Things You May Not Know About the Reformation

The Scandal of Grace

The Spirit Brings Unity

The Jesus Line

The Christian Revolution

Desecration of Jewish Cemeteries

The Problem With Fear


Finding Unity in the Midst of Fragmentation


Gratitude Changes Your Life

A Chinese Legend of Bamboo

Jesus Came for Division?


Non-Violent Communication

A Sense of Purpose. A Sense of Meaning

The Face of Mercy

The Rewards of Vulnerability

Lent Is About Transformation

Be Not Afraid

December Darkness

The Gift of Hospice

Taming the Tongue

Facing Your Demons

America the Beautiful

Burial Practices

Protected By the Shepherd

Waiting for Our Souls to Catch Up

Enough of the Gloom

What's Ailing Islam?

A Reason for Hope

The Disappointing Pursuit of Happiness


Life Giving Conflict

The Great Emergence

Contemplating Mortality

The Illusion of the Separate Self

Faith and Science

Nicodemus and a New Consciousness

God Writes Straight with Crooked Lines

Discharging Your Loyal Soldier

The Monkey Mind

We Don't Have Life - We Are Life

Is Your Church a Sanctuary?

Hating the Poor but Loving Jesus?

The Bible's Violent God

Divinely Human

Faith Development


Spiritual Companionship

The Lunatic Is In My Head

Let Us Go Down by the River

Do We Have the Courage to Stop This?

Advent - Where Are You Going?

Conrol Freaks

The Lens of Gratitude

Gun Madness

Changing Course

Beyond the Veil

The Politicization of Healing

An Incognito Lord

Death, Up Close and Personal

The Fire

We or Me?

Christ's Work of Social Justice

How God's Grace Makes a Difference

Building Bridges

Where Are You?

Lessons Learned from Youth Mission Trip

Part Mystery, Part Mess

Hocus Pocus

Intelligent Ignorance

Finding Faith in an Age of Belief

Born a Sinner?

Do You Have an Internal GPS?

O Lord, It's Hard to be Humble!

The World of Grace

A Religion of the Afterlife

An Adult and the Christmas Story

Is God Personal?

The Gift of a Sabbatical

An Appreciation of Doubt

How the Holy Spirit Works Today in 100 Words or Less

Life Born from Chaos and Pain

Jesus' Failure?

Where Is God in Haiti?

Finding God Through Creation

Where Are You Going?

The Narcissism Epidemic

Pony Express

Eating Divinity

He Smiled at Death

Biblical Fraud

Religion and Fear

Emerging Christianity

Aionios Zoe

Real Change Comes from
the Inside Out


Star Gazers

From a God of Violence
to the Prince of Peace

God's Ways Are Not Our Ways

So What's So Great
About the ELCA?


Hell On Earth

What About Hell?

The Problem of Evil

Lutheran Core Beliefs

How Do You Explain an Oak Tree?

The Importance of Relationships

What Do You Want?

Choosing Love in a Fear-Filled World

Do You Have God All Figured Out?

Prayer and Meditation

Why Lutheran?

Dancing with Grace

The Sinner's Bench

The Loss of a Loved One

The Widow, the Orphan, and the Alien

Move at the Pace of Guidance

The God Factor

Maintaining Your Center

Love the Folks in Front of You

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